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Saturn in Scorpio (10/3/2015-12/2/2015) means we'll all have to face the reality of war. The wars the U.S. military started are now coming home to roost. We've deferred the financial burden and the horror and pain of war, and now the debt comes due as the year draws to a close. By 2016, everything will be different.

An illustration of Scorpio's power in Saturn is the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan. They have revealed in one stroke the weakness of the puppet government the U.S. has installed there. It's the death knell for American hopes there, and only a fool would try to keep fighting the inevitable. The U.S. forces left in Afghanistan will have to retreat or be surrounded.

Conflict breeds war, war causes waste, and now taxpayers must pay for the costs of war, and bear the humiliation of defeat and disgrace. Scorpio is the shame we will all collectively feel with every new mass murder occurrence that we can't do anything about.

Scorpio rules the warrior, so we all have to shape up and join up to survive. Like new recruits, we'll fall into ranks. The leaders will seize the top. The losers will be knocked down to the bottom. Most people will become the fodder of the stronger, or more precisely, the more adaptable and tenacious of us will survive, and perhaps have our fortunes changed dramatically in the valley of destruction.

The only advantage to this type of tough-love is scar tissue. And the sex, the Scorpio primeval sex like the petite-mort we unconsciously seek out for relief and release, our embrace of death and nothingness.

A lot of our troubles will stem from our previous excess and foolish optimism. The more foolish you were, the more pain and suffering it will take. It's the payback, the turnaround, the other side of wretched excess and waste. Bills must be paid, belts must be tightened. We're likely to have to live under martial law with military-like discipline. It's the laws of war. No-man's land, a lawless place.

The emotional physical and financial debts are being called in. The intensity associated with the mafioso Scorpio and the rigidity of a Saturn cop indicate "confrontation over control or manipulation in order to gain control." (Solar Fire)

When Saturn enters Scorpio on Oct 3rd, it's like we take a cold shower. It will wake up us with the shock of our own vulnerability. Water is also indicated on the macro level, with limitations on our movement or happiness brought about by water and its extremes, rain, floods, and, inversely, lack of water.

Scorpio is dragging Saturn through the swamp. Scorpio has only a few months to get the job of procreation done. The old must be consumed in the fire that gives birth to the new. Saturn goes through this convulsive episode from Oct 3rd to Dec 2nd. After that, it's another 28 years. Saturn must do its dirt, carry the slaughter to its completion before the next generation kicks in.

Saturn shows no mercy, and hates fools, much like the oceans themselves. Rising sea levels mean relocation, the flooding of our home, nature's wrath. It means being underwater financially, our goods dragging us down like a pair of cement shoes. MORE


"Unexpectedly dismal job growth last month cast a shadow on the nation’s economy, as a government report on Friday sent analysts scrambling for adjectives like “dreadful,” “a body blow” and “grim” to describe just how disappointing they found the latest employment figures. The September jobs numbers are easily the worst of 2015 so far. They offer an unpleasant combination of a bad overall headline, bad details and bad timing, amid a volatile and unsettling time in global markets." NY Times

If you're not part of the idle wealthy class, losing your job could be the next October surprise knocking (trick or cheat?) at your door. Maybe it won't happen to you, but around you people are dropping like flies. In the first of a series of winter layoffs, which usually end before Xmas (Ho ho ho), the latest crisis we face is mass unemployment. Mass in this case means layoffs among workers, what politicians routinely call the Middle Class.

While the wealthy worry about margin calls (the rising price of credit) you and I worry about the next check. The rich have been bleeding money since April but it's been replaced with freshly printed (and worthless) dollars. This wouldn't ordinarily matter, since the rich don't serve a purpose. But when the working class starts to hurt, blood runs in the streets. MORE

Virgo on the Cutting Edge

Virgos are born Sept 16-Oct 30

virgo by hiroko sakai
"Virgo" by Hiroko Sakai

The Virgo is part of the largest demographic of signs, with 46 days to reproduce, they are the most populous sign, the proletariat, the masses. They are the clay that revolutionaries, priests and politicians need to gain power. The Virgo needs to be kneaded--like bread they rise with yeast--they need to give themselves, body and soul, to their cathartic source, the invisible charge that wakes them up from being a frozen mannequin.

The Virgo is on the cutting edge of adaptation--the cutting edge of revolution. Thus she earns the name of Virgin--one with an ever-recurring ability to remake herself. But others can see this purification ritual as endless, pointless, and hurtful. The Virgo literally USES UP the energy in every relationship she has--she will never relent to obsession, her eye is always on SPICA, the brightest blue star in the sky, the navigator's friend. MORE

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August 24-Oct 24:

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pre shadow • retro • direct • shadow

merc retrograde


The first day of the shadow occurs before Mercury goes retrograde, when it first reaches the low-water mark, the degree it will reach at its furthest point of retreat, just before going direct. The other end of the shadow occurs after it goes direct, on the day that Mercury achieves the same degree as when it started its retrograde. 

Ergo, Mercury goes into its shadow on Aug 28–at 6º Virgo, (Left). Mercury officially goes retro on Sept. 17, (2nd from left). Mercury reaches the furthest degree it will it will retrograde (before it goes direct) on Oct 11 (third from left)–and not return to its previous highest degree of 21º Virgo until Oct 24, when it is free of its shadow and good to go. (right). 

The shadow is a more comprehensive look at Mercury retrograde, and gives you a fairer account of the meaning of the psychologically blinding and historically disturbing trompe l'oeil. Many people report that the treachery, deception or difficulties of Mercury retro is even more virulent during the shadow periods. MORE

The Bubble Bursts

China Leads the World into DEFLATION

"The current circumstances are not designed to increase your prosperity. The male leadership that has led us to this crisis will be humiliated. Prepare for a period that will deplete your material assets. Your generosity is likely to benefit the wrong people or be wasted in worthless endeavors." Stephanie Johnson, Solar Fire

One of the most interesting things about any financial crisis is that the stars don't view it as a bad thing. The crisis is almost always the result of corruption, so the collapse of the financial markets is often historically accompanied by positive planetary positions. The crisis enlightens and purges the markets of their inherent distortions and internecine conflict. In previous economic collapses, the horoscope drawn up often involves a favorable connection with Mercury. In the case of a crash, or a
correction" as the markets like to call it, reality and intellect pops the bubble, and sanity is restored. The monetary losses, which the universe couldn't care less about, are just the prelude to revelation, and ultimately, future success. What's bad for the banks is actually good for the the world. MORE

Moon Phases

KNOW YOUR MOON TRANSITS Who couldn't use an emotional compass? Get your own map of your heart's ups and downs month's worth of Moon transits of your natal planets, plus the major transits to your Moon, including the Black Moon and Lilith, MORE 

donald trump

The American Demagogue

Donald Trump is tough, "cheap-steak-tough" as Gil Scott Heron said of Ronald Reagan, and The Donald wants to be President in 2016. He's a mean old bull who's wrecking the Republican china shop. MORE


Jupiter and Immigration

Those individuals who spend a major part of their life roving other countries, deal in some way with foreigners or simply live far away from where they were born, have Sagittarius prominent in their charts or have a very active ninth house, and/or have Jupiter prominently placed in their chart, by aspect or near the angles. READ MORE

russell brand

"Stamping His Feet and Spitting His Dummy"

Russell Brand, the outspoken British actor/comedian and TV presenter, is the classic Taurus. He's by turns the stamping bull and the dancing girl. His latest foray is into politics and economic reform. He's a dream politician, he's almost painfully honest, articulate and has a sense of humor! READ MORE

barack and Cruz

The tea brains VS the bird brains

The grinding, grand finale of the American Empire is complete division and gridlock: The jungle vs. civilization. The human degraded as beast--or the human glorified as free. MORE

Sun Opposition Saturn and
the Death of the Republican Party

Ship of Fools

Saturn enters Scorpio on Oct. 6, 2015
A lot of homeowners will sink underwater

Pluto and the Generations
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