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Full Blue Moon in Libra
May 21, 2016

By Kim Lovelace

The Full Blue Moon takes place on the 21st May 2016 at 22:16 GMT .

We have a Full Seasonal Blue Moon in Libra this month, the last one of this type took place in 2013. The Moon in Libra is highly sensitive, especially towards the attitudes and reactions of others, this moon hates vulgarity and expects those close to maintain a pleasing demeanour and good manners. The aspects to our Full Moon show that this is still a time of dominance and great sensitivity, where intimate relationships are mostly affected, self indulgent tendencies and self absorbed demands, will bring in extreme and intense emotional disarray.

This destructive emotional energy is very prominent this Full Moon and puts us in danger of succumbing to self absorbed desires that will lead us into tantrum mode, carelessness and depletion. An intense need to satiate our desires, can lead us into exploding with others, or imploding in self punishment, especially as Lilith is still in Virgo that vibrates 'a fear of being a failure, or having high expectations'. Intimate relationships are on the line if we don't rise above things, as the New Moon that took place earlier in the month suggested we do. Relationships are under threat if communications are not voiced respectfully, or if equal respect is not present. Outside sources are also something to watch out for, when it comes to interference. These aspects create a ruthlessness and self punishing nature that must be curbed by tuning into Universal Consciousness and Aspirations.

On the 22nd May, the Full Blue Moon and the Sun will be in opposition to Mars who makes his closest approach to the Earth and his appearance is large and bright. This Red Planet, who is retrograding through Scorpio, emphasises the volatile and emotional nature of our Moon, warning us that damage to relationships, drunken behaviour and arguments will be the theme if we don’t rise above the material world that is associated with the ego. Serenity and control will be much needed, meditation and health are vital. This Full Moon warns us to be careful with everything we do and everything we say. MORE

Full Moon in Libra
Scorpio’s Claws of Life and Death

The vulture Goddess Nekhbet

By Femi
*Happy Full Moon!
This Full Moon is truly located in Libra stars, which are the ancient Claws of the giant Scorpion! Who knew that the Scales of Justice were originally the Claws?

Yep, and that’s where we will be illuminated by the moon this month. Last month I explained how Virgo is the sign of mental health and balance. Maat (Balance) begins in the mind, body and spirit of the Virgo Earth Matrix mother. This full moon will highlight her scales of justice. The balance between Life and Death (Scorpio). What we hold onto, and also what we choose to let go of creates a never ending cycle of life and death continuously. The Scorpion’s claws. A few thousand years ago, The Romans renamed the hands of the Scorpion, the scales of Libra. But originally Virgo and Scorpio were connected! There was no Libra! You can easily still look this up! In the sky, the stars on Libra‘s scales have remained named the North and South Claws to this very day! The North Claw is Zubeneschamali and the Southern Claw is Zubenelgenubi. And if we look deeply into the animal symbolism depicted, the scorpion uses its claws for making love as well as for slaying its prey. Whoa! Make love not war right!? The inner battle/balance within Libra’s scales (claws) of truth and justice are also ever present in every facet of our relationships, as well as our personal desires. The Libra Scorpio zone in the sky takes partnerships, relationships, and soul contracts of every kind, very seriously. Sometimes our claws just won’t let go. Until death do we part? Sometimes this area of our psyche doesn’t even know the difference. There really is a thin line between Love and Hate. Love and War. Life and Death.
Therefore, we can easily see how and why the constellations of Virgo and Scorpio will always be intertwined. Libra is just another aspect of the original life-death-life Goddess pantheon, and there are many. Check your Google Sky Maps app!

The Full Moon will be complete in Libra on the edge of Scorpio tonight! Egyptian goddess Nekhbet, the vulture, is said to represent this area of the sky. She is forever bound to her twin sister Wadjet, the snake goddess, and together they uphold the laws of Maat, each presiding over Northern and Southern Egypt. Nekhbet is known for her protective and loving side. Vultures are always seen in pairs. She is also the fierce protector of mothers and childbirth and is the official goddess watching over the pharaoh from birth to death. The qualities of a vulture in ancient Egypt are associated with Godliness because of her immense size, power and ability to sore very high up into the sky!

The ancient Egyptians strongly emphasized that life here on Earth is to be utilized as preparation for the Eternal Life on the Otherside. With this comes a great deal of never ending choices. That which to hold on to. That which to let go of. There is always a price to pay for what we choose, a sacrifice of some sort. Working with the principles of Maat, we know that the ultimate truth is universal Oneness. Living in Maat is still paramount especially as we navigate thru this zone of the sky for our Full Moon awakening. We have all come to a crossroads in our lives and want to ascend to a higher level of development for this Full Moon. Health, healing and cleansing are still key. I would say even more so as we get deeper into the Underworld with the resurrection Goddesses. Use prayer and intuition to formulate your own personal brand of rituals that are needed at this time. The deities/energies associated with this full moon are all working on balancing our inner world. I invite you all to work on this exercise with me:

*Write a list of all your strengths/positive attributes. Now write a list of all your weaknesses or what you consider to be negative traits that are holding you back from your highest potential. And finally I want you to work on eliminating your weaknesses by emphasizing your strengths! Very simple yet very important for this zone of the sky. Don’t hesitate to call on the power of our ancient guides working deeply within this energy. There are a number of creation/afterlife gods and goddesses. Some of my favorite are Maat, Isis (Auset), Osiris (Ausar), Anubis, Serket, Wadjet, Persephone,Chiron, Medusa and Nekhbet. Studying their roles in antiquity should give us a good sense of what is at work in our daily lives for the next 2 weeks. The scales of Libra, the Claws of the Scorpion represent that which we hold onto and that which we must let go of in order to rebirth ourselves. MORE

>Taurus is May 14-June 19

Tropical astrologers only recognize the bull in Taurus' archetype—they forget the dancing girl who rides on his back. The strength of the bull and the beauty of the rider are two complementary parts of Taurus.

The Motherless Child

Taurus is an orphan of the Zodiac, without a ruling planet. This has made the sign self-reliant, self-rewarding, self-actualizing and materialistic. Value is what can be seen, touched and tasted. However, Venus has been assigned to Taurus to sweeten the pie and to allay Taurus anxiety and at least make life pleasurable. Venus inspires Taurus with the love of beautiful people and valuable things, but can overwhelm Taurus, enslaving them to the need to posses and hoard things.

Taurus' feet are firmly in the ground, the Earth. They hate to lose touch with her, living above the ground floor. These are ranch-style people with a big garage. Taurus may even prefer to sleep on the floor. As the salt of the Earth, Taurus hold special reverence for land, and wants to possess it. The land and the body are one, and Taurus wants to hold on to both for all time. The Taurus is a steward of the land, an owner of the land, and a lover of the land. They have no faith, no foolish hope of a solicitous god; the Taurus believes in the here-and-now--not the pie-in-the-sky. Taurus is passive, willing to wait patiently, until you rile him or her up, then they come on very strong. Most Taurus are passive until aroused or enraged; they are the come-hither, the innocent, the "who, little sexy ol' me"? sexual seducer. Once the object of his or her affections has been spotted, then the Taurus will mill around, sniffing and showing off. Some Taurus (like Malcolm X in his early years) are pimps or macks. Male bulls would love to have a harem, although they are content with one mate for life if they get used to him or her. Normally, the Taurus prefers to stay in the paddock, minding their own business, and working on a good meal and a permanent encampment. MORE

MONTHLY 13 Star Sign Astrology

image by Lynette Shelly


TAURUS (born between: 14 May – 19 June)

Happy birthday Taurus, you have no problem with expressing yourself this month and the planets are giving you the energy and the willpower to do so. However, your expression is all about getting your point across and you do so with ease, without a thought or concern for what others think, or how it will affect them. Your principles are high and if you need to get verbally rough with a few people then so be it! You’re not really bothered if you come across as aggressive and self centered as your defense mechanism has kicked in and ‘woe betide’ anyone that tries to deflate your well needed strength. You are just holding your head above water as this month ends and June begins and you are finally running out of steam. Up until this point you have tried to stay reasonably cheerful and optimisitic, but are now feeling the weight of heavy responsibility, this causes you to lack confidence and cooperation as your energy slips into a low vitality. Emotional frustrations and finances may cause you problems, especially within your close relationships, but not all is lost here, you must use this down time to meditate or exercise (yoga or tai chi would be great for you). Your thinking rebalances mid June, but you will need to assess your health, a tonic may be needed.

Read more about your true Sun Sign Taurus.

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Order a 13-sign birth chart, personal reading and natal report from Kim Lovelace.

Taurus is a Self-Made Man

Taurus Malcolm X started out as a pimp and a thief, but learned about Islam when he was finally incarcerated. He studied and researched religion, politics, history and economics during his incarceration. He was a self-made intellectual. Upon his release, Mohammed's new servant strove mightily to move the mountain--American racism. He threatened not only the reality of racism, but its theories, scams and economics. He drove the white media to distraction, they freaked out. He influenced every politician and religious leader on the scene and they had no answers to counter his arguments, he crushed all comers. During his lifetime, he became one of the bellwether heroes of his generation. He was never late, hated delays (Mercury opposite Saturn); “didn’t trust anyone without a wristwatch.” Aries Moon/Gemini Mars made him unbeatable in debates. MORE

Listening and Speaking

Talking Circles are what (Native Americans) use to bring problems out into the open, to find solutions, to share our feelings and experiences, and to honor the sacred points of view of every person present. To interrupt a speaker is to bring dishonor to his or her words, to bring dishonor on one's upbringing, one's family, tribe, clan and nation.

When people are constantly talking about anything that comes to their minds, it is a sign that they have no self-reflective skills and do not feel the weight or sacredness that their words carry. If the words that are spoken carry no commitment or carelessly hurt another, the speaker is not in tune with oneness.

From "Earth Medicine", Fifth Moon, Sixth Day

Mercury stops, starts, flops

Hitting the wall is the way the Aries Mercury will handle its latest retrograde, which officially starts April 28, but effects us as early as April 14, or even earlier, as Mercury slows to a crawl in its apparent forward motion. On May 24, Mercury starts to move forward again, but it can be a move in the dark, as Mercury is in the shadow part of its transit until June 5. MORE

The Candidates and their Transits
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View from the 6th Dimension

The Journey of the Maji

Soul Food Salad

Eating in Season is an excellent way to
support the body’s natural immune and healing abilities.

• Boneless Chicken Thigh
• Flour
• Spike, Braggs Liquid Aminos
• Garlic
• Red Leaf Lettuce, Romaine, Kale
• Cucumber, Bell Pepper, Onion
• Strawberries or Cherry Tomatoes
• Avocado Oil

• Heat large frying pan with small amount of oil. Enough to cover the Bottom.
• Season your meat then dust with flour
• Fry until Crisp
• Cut up fried chicken and place over salad
• Salad Dressing -Apple Cider Vinegar, Braggs Liquid Aminos, Garlic and Spike seasoning.

This delicious spring salad will give you that umami taste with the high quality nutrition that is needed in a healthy meal. Many of us struggle with wanting to eat the foods that we were raised with, like fried chicken. But we realize that we must fuel our bodies with nourishing ingredients that also act as medicine. This new moon you can reconnect with your childhood past and your conscience present while eating a delicious nutritious Soul Food Salad!


Lady Buggs Farm is an Urban Farm, part of the Local Foods movement in Youngstown, Ohio. Visit Lady Buggs on facebook for more information. Contact

The Misunderstood Moon

Everything you learned about your Moon from establishment astrology is false or misleading. Only a 13 sign astrology horoscope reveals the truth about your real birth planets and luminaries. 12-sign astrology is also wrong to exclude Ophiuchus, the goddess of women's power and accomplishments.

Ophiuchus and her origins

Another vital placement in the horoscope is the The Black Moon and Lilith, which is linked to the dark, hidden extreme in Lunar polarity, the opposite of the lighted moon, our romantic archetype. Again, traditional astrology rarely acknowledges this mysterious influence, and gets the sign wrong.

• Learn more about Lilith

• Black Moon/Lilith in your chart





A new moon is a wonderful time to plant your intentions so that your harvest--the full moon--is bountiful, so be careful of your intentions and your thoughts. During the dark moon we are faced with new beginnings and the need for patience, so be gentle with yourself. It is recommended you turn to our green allies for nourishment and energy. Nettle infusions are a great way to support the bodies immune system and mineral supplements.   

Utilizing natural crystals, colors and symbolic figures can increase your herbal infusions, foods and natural medicines with a healing frequency unique for you and your loved ones. Recipes and more from Lady Buggs.



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