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Don't be surprised that your birthday no longer falls in the sign you've grown up with. Astrologers gave you the wrong sign, at least the wrong degree. Look at the skies yourself, and you'll see the problem. The Sun, Moon and the planets are not where astrologers say, not even close! Mainstream "tropical" astrology is wildly inaccurate and the laughing stock of science and astronomy.




is a witch, no doubt. She is clairvoyant, mixes potions, and lives in a cottage nestled in the woods. She is a high priestess of Lilith, and now Star is tracking Lilith and the Black Moon for siderealist.com:

"It's actually not where the Moon IS, it's more like where she is NOT. It's the key to under-standing so-called black space or unenergized matter. Lilith may be the gateway to learning what we don't know, especially about the forces we can't see.

The battle for our minds and souls will take place in Lilith's realm, more so than the crass mass media. The power of women united is stronger than the man's technology".



The Lover's Manual

Your #lovestory is written in the stars

The stars and planets are the twitter-sphere of emotions. At first it looks chaotic, unrelated. But a closer look at them will reveal for us consciously what we already sense instinctively. What do they say about you and your partner? The synastry comparison of you and your partner's planetary aspects reveals the truth about your attraction, and the arc of the relationship. Get your report here. Don't go to bed without it!



Darren Wilson, the genetically-challenged Ferguson cop who murdered Mike Brown in cold blood, is an ARIES. [See his natal chart (birth time unknown) to the right.]

By itself, the sign of Aries isn't a license to be a jerk, but so many of them are douche bags, especially the men, that when you meet an Aries cop, get ready to get beat up, sabotaged, or shit on, depending on your status.

The Aries Wilson has a Sagittarian Mars--the worst quality of which is lying--and a Gemini Moon, which can be two-faced and passive aggressive by nature.

The combination of these electrical impulses and his origins as Texas white trash turned him into the bastardization of his signs and the corruption of his aspects.

The blue-eyed trigger man can turn into the racist pig in a flash. There's a viral video of Wilson quick-changing from normal cop to vicious aggressor. Wilson snaps and arrests the hipster recording the video, accelerating a minor police call into a major altercation.

This murderous Aries couldn't wait to bait violence, bluster and bluff. Moon opposition Mars shows he can't express himself, and frustration and disputes will follow him around like a death wish.

Not that he is courageous, or even foolhardy. He's a racist coward, with Lilith and all her dark sisters making a T-square with his Uranus (in Ophiuchus) and Jupiter in Aquarius. He is a betrayer of women. Women will exact revenge. He's self-centered, and runs away when the going gets rough. He's suffering from a major failure of his dreams and a painful childhood. His father was abusive or absent in his life, was raised by women, to whom he transfers all his feelings of loneliness and depression. He needs a uniform to give him substance, identity.

What about Wilson's transits? The day of the shooting? "A sudden and exciting new opportunity may present itself during this transit and you are in just the mood to make the most of any break in your normal routine."

His final decomposition, however, will take place as he is experiencing his new found fame: "You are in danger of going over the top in your enthusiasm to chase your goals. The trouble is that you feel an urge to go out and conquer the world, and you do not know how to moderate these urges. Excess can be a problem. The lessons are restraint and moderation."

Lilith has cursed all the gain he might make from his shame. Lilith takes a horrible toll when Man's laws fail.

Killing Mike Brown? We have Wilson's admission that he was scared of Mike Brown, that he shirked from the fight, and used his gun to keep himself from getting a well-deserved ass-whupping.



People born in November and December of 1985 will have their Saturn return early next year.

Your Saturn return occurs around 28-30 years after birth, or around 58-60. If you’re lucky (?) you’ll get to experience a third return at 90.

Some astrologers quip that the first takes away your youth. the second, your health, and the third, your will to live.

As anyone knows who has lived through theirs, Saturn return generally is a constricting feeling of the world closing in on you. Playing cute or dumb no longer cuts it. You are at the end of your credit account. Now you must pay.

Some people are ready to mature and get to work, anyway, and don’t need to be driven into it with a cattle prod.

Others are shocked that the baby face is gone forever. Winter is approaching, a time of want and deprivation. The ant is prepared, and has stocked but the grasshopper dies at first frost.








"Shoot down that 707, baby, specially the one that's flying too low" --Jimi Hendrix, Band of Gypsies

The outlook for this volatile transit of the Sun through Sagittarius is very explosive. Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 2008, and the bombs just keep on falling. Maybe this is the year of the drone--where we use flying horses to kill in order to reach our political objectives. Sag Pluto is joined by Sun, Venus and Mercury to go for broke. Anything is game, anything is fair. The true believer Sagittarius is under stress, and he may resort to barbarism in frustration.

The Sag is daring, convincing, inspiring. This time the Fire Horse runs amok. The muscles do the thinking. A crisis develops, a leader emerges. Thunder and lightning has the masses terrified, only the Sagittarius can lead us into the inevitable confrontation. Or, is it a trick? Many a Sag. is a wolf in sheep's clothing. They are liars--or imaginers? Every Sagittarius has a flaw--the Achilles heel--that leverages the rest of them into greatness. It is this wound that implants the leadership and mental acuity.

In mythology, Sag rejects his tribe--the centaurs were rapists and berserkers--and becomes a healer, historian and philosopher. Every Sagittarius is one-of-a-kind, a self-made man or woman. They have but a short time on Earth to accomplish their goals. Sagittarius in its greatest triumph sacrifices its body for the cause. Thus is the Tao of the hero.

As The Sun moves into a T-square with Pluto, Uranus and the Moon's nodes, we can expect the war--the one which was overseas and out of sight and mind--somebody else's problem, is coming home. As the banks stagger their way to insolvency and collapse, the pressures on everyone will increase. The T-square is like a vise, squeezing the head, the heart, and our futures. When such compression takes place--an explosion will follow. The T-square involves instant, unstoppable change. Not peaceful change. Violent change, which involves political and cultural swings, increased aggression by the US military, and and equal and opposite destruction of OUR security and well-being. The quality of life in America will sink to new lows. Certain things need no cosmic help: the dollar is sinking fast along with the price of oil; buying power is being swallowed up by deflation; our infrastructure is collapsing, the social contract is in shreds. What was good is now bad and what was bad is now OK. Fire will consume what water hasn't flooded. Pluto always means loss, sometimes it's a healthy surgery like cutting away the tumor of parasite class that rules us. The stock market crash is bad for investors--but it's also a healthy correction--for those who survive it.

Likewise for the individual. Loss is inevitable, healthy, normal, terrifying. Our loss is a byproduct of an inevitable volcanic eruption, we are not to blame. But loss and death is not the main thing. It is how we come out of the fire. Are we tempered steel, stronger and embolden to take action? To lead the charge? Or destroyed by our own folly and web of lies, self-delusions and propaganda?

"One small spark can start a prairie fire."
–Mao Ze Dong, Sagittarius,12/26/1893




DEC. 22, 2014:

By The Good Witch (RaStar)
The New Moon takes place in Sagittarius on the 22nd December @ 01:36 (London)

The Sagittarian Moon has an over optimistic and impulsive nature, but can make a big sacrifice for a worthwhile cause. In the third house, this moon has a very high imagination.

The Sagittarius Moon has high ideals and in conjunct to the sun, Mercury and Pluto, creates a vast amount of nervous energy. The ‘new moon’ aspects this month, shows us an ability to identify any confused feelings ‘bang on’, the only problem is that it tends to focus on just one area rather than the whole , by making us so high minded that we become blind to ourselves and how others see us. The high mental energy of this moon and its aspects could cause a mental explosion if we are not careful, but the one thing we can be sure of, is the strength of will to seek the truth, no matter how much it may rock our comfort zone.

As Pluto is conjunct to Mercury amid the stellium of Planets in Sagittarius, it helps us to understand ‘reality’ in terms of energy rather than material objects, an interest in science especially ‘atomic energy’ may be a theme to watch out for. Pluto also in conjunct to Venus uplifts us to a very high level, spiritual power and regeneration can be had if we just take a moment to take a good look ‘around us’ and not just at ourselves! Pluto wants reform and we are already seeing cultural philosophies at odds with the established order, where revolutionary stirrings and uproars in society continue to take place.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, urges us to not to become dependent on others and to stand on our own two feet; we must help others unconditionally, rather than for our own gain. Lilith here teaches us the concept of oneness and that any feeling of not being supported is self inflicted.

We must move forward and face the truth as the month ends, not just self truth, but global truth and hopefully then ‘Spiritual Love’ will be an item on top of the list.


Chiron’s natal position tells you where your chronic, as-of-yet unhealed wound lies. If Chiron is in Aries, the will to act is damaged; in Taurus, it’s the poor body image; Chiron in Gemini indicates a neurotic impediment; A Cancer Chiron is a healer who can't heal herself. When Chiron is in Leo, creativity and leadership are stunted. Virgo Chiron is wounded by a loss of trust and innocence; in Libra’s Chiron, love itself is leaves a scar. Passion costs the Scorpio Chiron what he wants most, and Sagittarius Chirons are lamed by rejection. Chiron in Capricorn must bear self-doubt, while in Aquarius, Chiron is never fully understood or loved. Poor Pisces Chirons are drowning in the heavy seas of memories. What about Ophiuchus Chiron? MORE


No regime or government has ever survived defeat in war and deflation of the currency

For the past 50 years, Americans have been living the Capitalist dream, inflation. His wealth, goods and power is increased--exaggerated, leveraged, as he artificially jacks up the market value. This causes a trickle down effect, not of wealth, but of delusion. Workers accept the roller coaster ride and scramble for more money, more liquidity, more credit.

Inflation has worked (for us) for 75 years, as long as you worked yourself to death, the government printed more money, war burned up surplus capital, and we impoverished the rest of the world. The true costs of capitalism were deferred, as long as they could inflate the value of everything they owned, which they did by leverage--betting on inflation lasting forever.

That is no longer possible. The corporations have reached the end of their tether. The capitalists have turned abundance and concentration of capital into a nightmare for all humanity, and a threat to our very existence. Once deflation--the underestimation of previously overestimated wealth--kicks in, profits are impossible.

The last Great Depression of 1929-39 was "solved" with government debt, war, taxation, and the creation of the military-industrial complex.

The crash of 2008 was smoothed over with a burst of $1.8 trillion "fictitious" money. The cost was financed by Japan, China and our other trading partners. The crash of 2015 will cost 10 trillion, or more.

And what about the hollow specter of American imperialism, the shower of blood and bullets we spread over everything we touch? Obama's war-mongering days are over. The US military faces imminent and certain defeat in Afghanistan. Iraq is a lost cause. The ISIS forces cannot be stopped, and nor should they be. ISIS and the new caliphate is the future of Arab unity. US designs on the Middle East are stymied, and Israel is facing economic collapse.

Between the humiliation and economic catastrophe of losing the war(s) that several US administrations have nurtured for so long, members of the American military are committing suicide in record numbers, and demoralized beyond the point of no return.

War+inflation has been GREAT for capitalism. Defeat+deflation is its doom.

Obama's eyes reveal a condition called Sanpaku, or "three whites".
The Macrobiotics believe that this condition shows decline of health, and a dangerous Yin condition that indicates the person is or will be victimized by his enemies. Sanpaku is the loss of initiative, and the loss of will, the hardening of the heart and kidneys.

The showdown between the illusion Americans have all been living and the reality of world wide economics is about to collide. Who do Americans blame for poorly handled but great catastrophes? The president. Obama is deflating like a withered balloon before our eyes.

Obama is aging fast; or is it dioxin poisoning?

Perhaps, according to Oscar Wilde's, his nether-self, the avatar of all his crimes, the portrait of Dorian Grey, is replacing the bronzed god we have been seeing on our media for the past six years. Obama is in his decline, his health as well as his political constituency. Retirement or his removal from office is a good bet. It's time for him to hand the ball to the next presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. At least, that's the plan. MORE

saturn return

The Ferguson story

The Killer pigdarren wilson the

Above, the chart of Darren Wilson, the opportunistic cop who shot and killed Mike Brown, an unarmed Black man. What is a P.I.G.? Police Industry Goon. Wilson would have joined any uniformed agency, so long as it gave him power. He had boyhood problems with authority, his father and the system, but instead of fighting back, he chose to ape the behavior of his tormentor, catering to his needs.

Giving a gun to this hard-headed Aries was a , and utter lack of compassion can be seen in the placements of his Sun, Moon and Mars. Self-centered and morally rootless, he can change without warning when threatened, and another Gemini personality--the Man who is also his abuser--takes over to defend him. Wilson's tyrannical father alienated him and also dehumanized him. He was ripe to find work where he could bully and intimidate people without consequences. Driven by forces out of his control and beyond his scope of understanding, he can only hang on to the trappings of material wealth and fame, finding refuge in a notoriety that will eventually doom him, and disgrace everyone around him. Read more at left.


Mike Brown, the victim of the Police attack, was a Taurus. His high school teacher called him a gentle giant. The Taurus is slow to boil, mostly stayed to his neighborhood, and was interested in permanent gain and wanted to be and be around people of substance.

The blue-eyed Nazi cop who killed Brown, shares a Gemini Moon and a Taurus Venus with Brown, an accident of time, since the combination made Wilson a psycho cop but only made Brown obese.

The one plausible thing about Wilson's testimony--that Brown came at him like Hulk Hogan--may be true. The wounded Brown went into a Taurus rage, for which they are famous. Whatever Wilson did to provoke the conflict was strictly the result of his Aries piggishness, and his zeal as a cop to harass Black men and boys. He provoked the response and deserved the results.

Brown was not a violent person. He saw all sides of the story, and may have been a steadying hand in the neighborhood, and example of patience and ability to see the big picture.

Yet Brown shared father issues with his killer, he struggled with authority and restrictions, as a child his father may have been absent or overly strict. He, too felt rejection and suffered from bouts of hopelessness. He attracted partners who repeated this childhood pattern.

Brown ate because he was stymied in so many ways. He may have felt that the world was opposing his deepest wishes and he stopped trying, to only await his fate, his undergoing change only as a reaction to external pressure.

Ironically, Brown may have foreseen his untimely death. Uranus trines Chiron to awaken a generation. "You have the gift of foresight. You are able to use your brilliant ideas to help humanity. You are able to initiate changes at a very deep level." [Stephanie Johnson]

RIP Micheal Brown

don't forget the girls
[What has happened in the last five months]






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