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July 21-Aug 9, 2016

CANCER (born between: 21 July – 9 August)

You have an urge for some excitement Cancer, it could be that you are feeling trapped in a situation and feel a need for some escapism and you may also need to make some difficult choices between achieving your goals and continuing with your relationship. Watch out for erratic behavior and unwise action, your ideas hold originality but are probably not practical, since your energy is working in spurts rather than steadily, there is a lot of nervous tension in the air and you are unconsciously picking up on it. This energy is affecting your ability to think and communicate clearly as your mood fluctuates between one extreme to the other. You have a deep desire for justice, but you must be careful not to act impulsively as your confusion and irritation can lead you into trouble or awkward situations that will not be good for your health.

By the New Moon on the 2nd August, you will feel burnt out, if you don’t heed the advice that the Planets are giving you. It is vital that you look after your health, especially with regards to your diet, your vitality is low at this time, as you are out of balance with your need for some peace of mind and achieving your highest ideals.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius
July 19, 2016 at 23:59 GMT.

Strength and Unity

By Kim Lovelace

The Moon in Sagittarius is an expansive and masculine energy who needs to be free to speak his mind; his truth according to his own concepts. Whilst friendly, gregarious and optimistic, we cant count on the promises he makes because 9 times out of 10 he's not going to keep them. The Sagittarius Moon by nature is a dabbler and finds it hard to commit to anything. His optimism and cheerfulness attracts many people towards him from all walks of life he is the researcher of culture but follows his own path that has been instilled from young and one in which he has adapted to fit in with his own personal aims and goals.

As the Full Moon in Sagittarius reaches its peak, a YOD aspect forms in our sky not long after, which involves Neptune conjunct South Node, both in sextile to Pluto with Mercury and Venus in their firing line. This configuration is showing us what needs to be released and asks us to take a look at our behavior, our attitudes and our circumstances. It also shows us that the theme is very much focused on politics, mass consciousness, underground institutions and global organizations, which all revolve around widespread conflict, political issues and collective ideals. It is time for us to work out what is not working for us any-more and to not waste time and effort on planning things that are way out of our reach. MORE

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Full Moon in Sagittarius:
Tehuti the Magician

Tehuti, or Thoth

By Femi
Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying my 13 sign esoteric astrology articles. In reality there are 13 months per year! The Moon completes its cycle every 28 days. 28 X 13 =364 (with one day left over). The number 13 symbolizes completion representing the Fullness. Moon Goddess Energy as well as the 13 Signs of the Real Zodiac. This Full Moon completed itself on border’s edge, the very last drops in constellation Sagittarius, the wise Sage. This actually means the message of this moon is stronger. Use this time to make sense of all the wisdom and lessons you have accumulated over the years, especially in the last few. At the end of 2012 for the Mayan Calendar alignment, our Ascension process accelerated. The Earth and all its inhabitants have been transforming rapidly ever since. That means you! We are All now called for this full moon cycle to dig deep and find the meaning. Use the wisdom of those lessons and the knowledge you have gathered to move forward. Traveling, gypsy and wise, Sagittarius in Egyptian astrology is Tehuti or Thoth. Spiritual Wisdom. Knowledge and therefore Magic! The Higher Mind. MORE

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Sun in Cancer:

Surrender to the Moon
Jul 20-Aug 9

Third Eye by Hiroko Sakai

Cancer is the Moon's companion, her lover, her slave, her messenger on Earth. The Cancerean third eye is always gazing at the Moon, following her cycles and translating her commands. Her handmaiden Cancer rules growth and decay, fullness and emptiness. Cancers can cultivate an understanding of the boundless sea of emotions and the infinite coldness of the ocean. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, its turmoil, its contradictions, and rules over all of them with a mournful autocracy. The Moon can be beautiful, filling our hearts with love, or a lifeless mask holding death like a bowl full of dread.

The Moon controls the tides and the fertility of the soil, the Moon gives us everything and then takes it away. The Moon shows herself and hides, only revealing half her intentions at any given moment.

She foretells the inexorable circle of natural events, both amazing and horrifying. Is the Moon really a soulless orb, moving in complete disregard of all human hopes and ideas? Man's hopes and conceits are nothing compared to the Bell curve of natural return; nature itself is two wildly divergent poles in the process of transition. It’s left to Cancer to assimilate, explain and experience the opposites. Cancer reveals the secret nature of what we experience. MORE

From The Book Of Cancer


Egyptian by Femi Ibim

Hellenic by Kim Lovelace

A lot of what you learned about your Moon from mainstream astrology is false or misleading. The 12-sign Zodiac just doesn't represent the truth. A 13 sign astrology horoscope reveals the facts about your real birth planets and luminaries by finding the right sign and degree. 13-sign astrology also includes the sign Ophiuchus, the goddess of women's power and accomplishments. The 12-sign, tropical view of the horoscope deficient and outdated.

Ophiuchus and her origins

Another vital placement in the horoscope is the The Black Moon and Lilith, which is linked to the dark, hidden extreme in Lunar polarity, the opposite of the lighted moon, our romantic archetype. Again, traditional astrology rarely acknowledges this mysterious influence, and gets the sign wrong.

• Learn more about Lilith

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The 7th Month: Savage Passion

"Buried deep in the heart of every human is a savage, wanton passion for life. To love and be loved, to go beyond survival and to embrace life to the fullest--these are the primal drives of the heart that allow us to continue, even in the face of all opposition. These feelings have become suppressed in so many humans that the passion of primal, loving instinct has almost come to extinction in many sophisticated nations. Some call this passion animalistic. The ancestors called it the Force behind Divine Creation. Today's pilgrims on life's road can choose to give it another name--love."

From Earth Medicine, Seventh Moon, 19th Day, by Jamie Sam

The Candidates and their Transits
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The Selenite Story

By Kim Lovelace

Selenite is a beautiful Crystal and is named after the White Moon Selena because of the magical soft glow this Crystal holds, the White Moon Selena in Astrology represents good karma and offers us great healing abilities, especially when we face and deal with our fears and issues of the Black Moon Lilith in our Astrology Charts. Selenite is a stone of protection and will shield a person or space from any negative energies or harm. MORE



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