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Full Moon in Sagittarius: Tehuti’s Wisdom

By Femi

Tehuti is the god of magic, wisdom, art, writing and religion. Get deeper into your craft. Search for your purpose. Write it out. A short trip will help the process. It may also be a good time to move to a foreign land and learn something new. Just make sure to remember, traveling starts in the mind. Before you go to sleep tonight, think about where you want to go and who you want to be. This will be a great exercise for the next 2 weeks, till the New Moon. Sagittarius is a wondrous energy! Expect to see abundance and prosperity all around you! Promise yourself that you will expand your horizons in the next few weeks. A positive and hopeful mental attitude is Sagittarius’ main agenda. MORE

full moon

Full Moon in Sagittarius: 2nd July 2015

By Kim Lovelace

The Full Moon in Sagittarius has a lofty and idealistic nature and aspires to high goals, but in the process may lack a realistic sense of life. The emotional nature of this moon can be very erratic creating all sorts of chaos in its never ending search for independence and emotional freedom. Tact and discipline are seriously lacking with this Moon, as well as patience and a sense of responsibility; relying on luck alone, can be of detriment to this over optimistic moon. MORE

Venus & Jupiter Super Star Alignment

By Femi

We truly are living in some amazing times! Tonite we get to witness Venus and Jupiter converge into a Super Star Alignment! Venus and Jupiter are the 1st and 2nd brightest planets in the nite sky. So much so they appear as stars! They will come closer than usual and the world gets to see it. So what does this mean? What is the Universe trying to show and tell us? Right now is the best moment of your Life. You need to focus on your dreams and reach for the Happiness you were made for. The Sky is the Limit. Actually,There Are No Limits.

Venus and Jupiter are both benefic planets that hold the Keys to Our Collective Spiritual Expansion. This Super Star Alignment will be happening at the beginning of Leo emphasizing the Heart Chakra. This will bring a worldwide focus back to love, courage, unity, centering, and creativity.  This will signal massive benevolence, social expansion, generosity and success!

You should start to feel a new level of spiritualized love now. Expanding on the Planet. The Love Vibration. Higher Forms of Love. Optimism in the Face of Adversity. The Love of Travel. Helping us understand our Roots. Seeking guidance and giving guidance. Helping with the social and community issues we have today. Art as a Spiritual Healing Force.

Be charming, be sociable, be sensual and create. Expansion, success and wealth are yours to manifest!

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Image courtesy of Stephan Rahm  

Who is Gemini? Gemini in the Zodiac Arachnophobia Mike Tyson


Image by Hiroko Sakai

June 20-July 20
The Gemini Mafia

Every Gemini is a secret garden of opposing personalities

The mind--and the voice that comes with it, is Gemini's weapon. Victory comes from thinking faster and having more information than your competition. The greater mind controls lesser minds, there's a meritocracy of the gifted. Inside each Gemini is a clique of experts, geniuses, teachers, mathematicians, who stay only among themselves to the exclusion of others. For Gemini, their various personalities make up a mafia gang. These personalities are separate beings, members of the same family, or a private club or Illuminati. Gemini can control the world by questioning it, gathering information on it. Like a gang of NSA spies or salesmen, they can gather happily in their private garden, discussing outsiders like the indigenous people of America talked about the buffalo. Others are excluded unless they come to entertain or serve. Geminis have their private language--or languages, which is why they are able to pick up phrases and fake knowing a smattering of many languages. Gemini is a world citizen, a gambler without borders. They can wrangle themselves out of any jam, they are faster on the uptake than others and can out pace them in negotiations. They can become an evil puppeteer if they let it go to their heads. This superiority can collapse as the Gemini swoons over the stimulation from love, lust, rage, fame and fortune--but hardly the emotions attached to these. There is a psychological condition that is a coda for Gemini--schizophrenia, although in Gemini it's rarely pathological, it's an every day occurrence. Gemini embodies the bi-polar condition.

From the Book of Gemini: "The secret to the Gemini soul is that LIFE IS A GAME. Winning or losing both involve loss, involve the sadness of time forever passing unheeded. So the Gemini careens back and forth like a drunken gambler, remorseful of past losses, but ever hopeful of the big jackpot ahead. Others find this quality exciting, but ultimately insane. No one is as willing as the Gemini to throw their lot in with the gypsies, to go as far as their inquisitive mind can take them. In for a penny, in for a pound. When the Gemini smells excitement, they're on the hunt like a bloodhound. Nobody asks better questions than the Gemini."

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A White Boy With a Gun

The majority or serial murders are perpetrated by white men (or boys). White men who have failed in spite of privilege, and who scapegoat minorities and women to cover their tracks. READ MORE


Jupiter and Immigration

Those individuals who spend a major part of their life roving other countries, deal in some way with foreigners or simply live far away from where they were born, have Sagittarius prominent in their charts or have a very active ninth house, and/or have Jupiter prominently placed in their chart, by aspect or near the angles. READ MORE

russell brand

"Stamping his feet and spitting his dummy"

Russell Brand, the outspoken British actor/comedian and TV presenter, is the classic Taurus. He's by turns the stamping bull and the dancing girl. His latest foray is into politics and economic reform. He's a dream politician, he's almost painfully honest, articulate and has a sense of humor! READ MORE

Sun Opposition Saturn:
The Death of the Republican Party

Pluto and the Generations

1950-68 1968-86 1986-96 1996-99 1999-2007 2007-24
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By the time Pluto entered Sagittarius, in late 2007, the world was rife with repression, recession, war, poverty and injustice, and was ready to blow. Sagittarius is a fire sign, compressed by Pluto, which can only mean explosion. The centerpiece was the wide-spread use of the Improvised Explosive Device (IUE), the suicide bomber, and the use of air strikes and drones to kill indiscriminately and without regard to civilian deaths. And the Molotov. MORE


A young anti-government protester in Istanbul releases the "people's bomb"

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