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Full Moon in Taurus…
Het Heru, the Goddess of Love


Pan under the Moonlight

A full moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are aligned in opposition to each other. In real 13 sign star based astrology, that means it’s happening in Taurus, the cow horn priestess Het Heru, on Nov 25th, 2015 at 5:44 PM EST. The full moon is a time of deep revelations and heightened creative energy. Het Heru is the Goddess of love and therefore creative manifestation. She teaches us to enjoy life and actualize our dreams. What we see in our minds is what we feel in our hearts and this full moon is all about it! She is The Law of Attraction, before anything can manifest, it has to exist in our spirit first! We create our life with our imagination. Het Heru reminds us to channel our sexual energy into higher spiritual realms. She is THE sky Goddess giving birth to our reality here on earth. The sacred cow. We create what we desire and focus on with a passion. Anything goes, so focus wisely.

This is a very sensual full moon highlighting art, music, dance and fertility. Het Heru also is represented as OshuAphrodite, Venus and Hathor. Her worship is very old and even predates the official dynasties of ancient Egypt. She is everything that is true and good. The mother of light in the sky. Manifestation.
To maximize the potential in this full moon, beautify yourself and All around you. Work with The Power of Intention. The Power of Creation. If you’ve been looking for a creative breakthrough, now is this time! Activate the kundalini (sexual) energy.  Work with the subconscious mind to visualize the life you want. This is how life is created. Channel your imagination to inspire something beautiful with love and art. Make a new vision board. Focus only on what you want to happen in your life. Het Heru is the mother of every God and every Goddess. So you have to go through her to manifest anything here on earth, with love and creativity, of course.

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November 30

Why are all the Ophiuchi going crazy? I'm using the plural for those people with Sun or Moon in Ophiuchus, the constellation of the snake goddess who was demoted and banished from astrology two thousand years ago. Ophiuchi are born from Nov 30 to Dec 17. Now that we are approaching their time in the Sun, anyone you meet with this birthday will be highly agitated, intense and percolating with energy.

Why are these people so dangerous to the system? They are the catalysts, the spark that sets off all kinds of rapid and unforeseen changes to the status quo. A catalyst is something that starts or intensifies a chemical reaction out of proportion to its other elements. Ophiuchi are the people who add the mysterious ingredient (ether, according to the ancient astrologers) that makes fire burn hotter. Ophiuchus stays undercover until their moment of destiny. They emerge from their covens when the time calls for them to appear, and cause havoc to mankind's carefully laid plans. MORE

Who is Ophiuchus?

Sun enters Ophiuchus


"Scorpio" By Hiroko Sakai

Nov. 23-Nov. 29

Scorpio only has six intense days to reproduce per year. Of all the signs, the most rare is the true 13-sign Scorpio. The "usable" life of a Scorpio is short and spectacular. The Scorpio is a soldier ant. He has but one purpose, to defend against, and kill the enemy. Then, to breed. Although they take their tactics from the ant, far from being insect-like, the Scorpio is very emotional, and like the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, haunted by fears, real and manifested, and unseen, haunting the underworld of our collective past. They rule dread, terror, and legacy of the dead.

You could say Scorpio carries with them, in their Eight House, the screams of a million wounded warriors. Scorpio deals with fear like a battle weary soldier. Fear is the mind killer. When fear is conquered, death is conquered. Like the Egyptian pharaohs who defied death, Scorpios live to die to live forever. MORE

Bernie gets Screwed in June

Leo Bernie Sanders is having his moment of epiphany. For 25 years he's been saying the same things and finally, he found an audience. He's the lion of the segment of an otherwise entitled population that suddenly finds itself poorer and even more alienated then their parents. You can sum it up by saying "white kids". This group has helped him to out-poll the Republicans and push Hillary to the left. He raises more money from small donations than anyone. He's a crowd-funded candidate. Bernie has assembled an army of 650,000 volunteers to press his "democratic socialist" agenda on a nation that sorely needs it. Is it enough now, in this election?

The problem is that his program for improving the living standards of the non-rich is also 25 years-of-tears old. His vision of a Scandinavian-like contract between the ruling class and the workers may have worked in the past, but in today's catastrophic economy, it will take more than cheap health care and free tuition to save American capitalism. MORE

Transiting Saturn and
the Death of the GOP

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Moon Phases


Who couldn't use an emotional compass? Get your own map of your heart's ups and downs! A month's worth of Moon transits of your natal planets, plus the major transits to your Moon, including the Black Moon and Lilith. MORE


The November Yod
We've seen our Yod in the sky, in the form of a missile contrail. The Yod is traditionally a warning of danger, and anyone who ignores one is in peril How do Yods work and what do they mean? MORE

emperors new clothes The naked emperor and his unmasking
Just what we need, Leos strutting around like fat cats. All this patriotism and boosterism will disappear like clouds in your coffee. There's no substance, and nothing to counter the weight of Saturn in Scorpio.
The journey of the Virgo and binary star Spica
There are more Virgos than anyone else, they are the largest percentage of the world population. They represent workers, farmers, laborers and the young, the non-owning classes, the unformed masses and the actualizing forces in his and herstory. MORE
The GOP Candidates by 13 sign astrology sign
As a group, they are top-heavy with fire signs. Three of them are Leos, and two others have Mars in Leo, and one has a stellium in Leo. That’s a lot of royal, self-serving ego for one stage to carry. MORE
Kendrick Lamar, a Taurus in pain
Like other hip hop greats Biggie and Tupac before him, Lamar is a Taurus. Like them, Lamar is also a wounded soul, disappointed in love and touched by death. He does share a typical Taurus “do-me” sexual physicality that’s hard to resist, and has dance moves that resemble a boxer in the ring. MORE
Why do people hate Capricorn? FAQ
Because Capricorns are almost always RIGHT. Because we NEED them. Capricorns have managerial strengths and a powerful sense of values. This is why their leadership, friendship, or affections can be oppressive and insufferable. But they often win in the end, and that’s what scares the competition. MORE
The Age of Aquarius: when does it start?
Some astrologers say we are within a stone's throw--55 years--of a new age. Unfortunately, these predictions are wrong. There's really 600 years to go before we'll enter the Age of Aquarius. But so what? The end of Pisces might be a gas. MORE
donald trump The American demagogue: a Taurus bull
Donald Trump is tough, "cheap-steak-tough" as Gil Scott Heron said of Ronald Reagan, and The Donald wants to be President in 2016. He's a mean old Taurus bull who's wrecking the Republican china shop and scapegoating the weak. MORE
immigrants Jupiter and Immigration: the seekers
Those individuals who spend a major part of their life roving other countries, deal in some way with foreigners or simply live far away from where they were born, have Sagittarius prominent in their charts or have a very active ninth house, and/or have Jupiter prominently placed in their chart, by aspect or near the angles. MORE
russell brand "Stamping His Feet and Spitting His Dummy"
Russell Brand, the outspoken British actor and comedian-TV presenter, is the classic Taurus. He's by turns the stamping bull and the dancing girl. His latest foray is into politics and economic reform. He's almost painfully honest, articulate and has a sense of humor! MORE
Women Who Kill Men, the anomaly
Women, as a rule don't go out and kill the men who are bugging them. Vary rarely do we come across a mass murderer—and a serial killer in a woman, although there are the rare exceptions. MORE
barack and Cruz The Tea Party VS The Government
The grinding, grand finale of the American Empire is complete division and gridlock: The jungle vs. civilization. The human degraded as beast--or the human glorified as free. MORE
Bioscope of the Marquis DeSade, Taurus
Sex was never so exciting, his partners never so beautiful as when pain had released them from the normal bounds of sexual reaction to experience true pleasure. This was the Sade philosophy in a nutshell. “Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced.” he wrote. MORE
The power of the people: war against injustice
The heroes of the anti-apartheid resistance to the last bastion of white racism and vicious oppression in Africa, according to their 13 sign charts. Read the bioscopes of Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Joe Slovo, and Chris Hani, the top leadership of the South African revolution.
Everything you know about comets is false
No ice of any meaningful quantity has EVER been found on any comet that has been studied so far. Comets are stone dry. There is NO WAY that the comet can produce water vapor from ice because there is NO ICE. MORE
Deflation is the Bull in the China Shop One of the most interesting things about any financial crisis is that the stars don't view it as a bad thing. The crisis is almost always the result of corruption, so the collapse of the financial markets is often historically accompanied by positive planetary positions. MORE
Pluto is more than a planet, It's a solar system!
The latest news about Pluto challenges the cosmological view of it as a cold, dead dwarf planet. MORE
Ophiuchus the mass murderer
The chart of James Holmes, the young man who shot 70 people in Aurora, Colorado, during a Batman movie premiere on July 20, 2012, to make a new US record for mass murder, reveals he is an OPHIUCHUS. MORE
Paul Mooney: Comedian or social critic?
A Cancer man of different hats—literally, he worked as a writer for many comedians, from Richard Pryor to Dave Chappelle. He is a mother to his black people, he loves them and then grabs hold of the truth with his claws, pulverizing fools and racists and sending them to the exit door. MORE
Roseanne Barr: Libra with a sting
She always held an ideological view of the American family. She developed a feminist working class hero in the face of childhood alienation and the bitter resistance to her ideas from the male patriarchy that run TV networks. MORE

Saturn in Scorpio

A homeowner nightmare MORE


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