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Don't be surprised that your birthday no longer falls in the sign you've grown up with. Astrologers gave you the wrong sign, at least the wrong degree. Look at the skies yourself, and you'll see the problem. The Sun, Moon and the planets are not where astrologers say, not even close! Mainstream "tropical" astrology is wildly inaccurate and the laughing stock of science and astronomy.


Too beautiful for your own good. A smart Libra keeps it all in perspective. However, as Libra beauty fades, the circle of admirers draws ever smaller, and this is liable to freak
a Libra out. A Libra never wants to be told that he or she has lost their touch. The male Libra has a harder time growing old gracefully, and often is the guy with the toupee and the sports car. Libras probably sense that their days as ravishing charmers will fade, and their insurance is FRIENDS. They will try to put lovers and everybody else into the friend zone, a sort of fawning network of fans and groupies that will flatter and gossip with Libra. Libra normally will NEVER ever want to trash a relationship, and will hang on. This is the fate of Libra women particularly; the "poor little rich girl" may fit many of them, and Libra women hang on too often and too much for too long, often ending up disgraced and unwanted by the same coterie of admirers that once fell under her spell. People ultimately hate perfection--and the Libra, as he or she succeeds at it, is subject to the lynch mob of social opinion when it turns against them. All Libras should beware the fate of The Queen of Libra coquettishness, Marie "let them eat cake" Antoinette, who, in spite of her charm and wit, was beheaded by her subjects.



is a witch, no doubt. She is clairvoyant, mixes potions, and lives in a cottage nestled in the woods. She is a high priestess of Lilith, and now Star is tracking Lilith and the Black Moon for siderealist.com:

"It's actually not where the Moon IS, it's more like where she is NOT. It's the key to understanding so-called black space or unenergized matter. Lilith may be the gateway to learning what we don't know, especially about the forces we can't see.

The battle for our minds and souls will take place in Lilith's realm, more so than the crass mass media. The power of women united is stronger than the man's technology".




Your Love Story is Written in the Stars
The stars and planets are the twitter-sphere of emotions. At first it looks chaotic, unrelated. But a closer look at them will reveal for us consciously what we already sense instinctively. What do they say?







Instinct by Hiroko Sakai

OCT 31-NOV 22

nov 18 2014 Is you Is or Is you ain't

Fig 1 [Nov 18, 2014]

Is you is or is you ain't (my baby)?

Astroapp's new "Oriental" version, above, lays the 64 I Ching hexagrams along the path of 13-sign Zodiac and according to the planetary positions and signs. Not sure how it all works together, but Pluto/Mars are connected to the I Ching hexagrams #32 and #50, Continuity and consolidation. This is the desire (Mars) but the situation is fluid, and nothing can be guaranteed. In the transit chart, this area is the top of a wrenching T-square with Uranus and the Nodes. Is Pluto the cutting edge of a scalpel that is eviscerating our goals? The Moon's Nodes give us the feeling of polarity and division, and we don't really want Pluto to force us into a long march of attrition to find balance, so we'll ignore all the signs until its too late. Polarization is a condition of the universal dialectic; the unity of opposites.

polerized milky way

Fig. 2 The Polarized Milky Way

The image above is from the Planck satellite, now defunct, that was launched by the European Space Agency in May 2005. Planck used its detectors to investigate polarized light coming from various locations in the Milky Way. Small dust grains, said to be rotating at several million times per second, are constrained by magnetic fields that cause them to form field-aligned channels through which light is emitted. That causes the light to be polarized. More

Highly energetic forces are bound up in tight suppression. The center cannot hold. This is a recipe for explosive confrontations--Uranus is eroding the limits of Pluto, freeing up its stifled and immutable power. Can war and inhumanity be far behind? There can be no progress without peace; there can be no peace without justice. Things are bound to boil over--or in this case catch fire, as in Mao's remark about a single spark that can light a prairie-fire. Pluto in Sagittarius is the bomb incarnate. Mars just added more bang. It's going to blow, sooner or later.

Uranus can let the whole thing go in a New York minute, opening up a hole in the dam, the beginning of the end. Once released, there is no return to the old ways.

It's the time of the MOLOTOV. The angles run along the Moon's nodes, so its not just social unrest. Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes are all indicated. The funny thing is, none of this is any surprise. All these things have been predicted for decades, and are only hovering around in our subconscious, making us unable to act in self-defense, and also unable to acknowledge the danger. It's so curious how the information is way ahead of our perceptions of it. We can't possibly process it until it slaps us in the face. Our stupid leadership has prepared us for failure. Anyone who thought the Illuminati or the Rothschild was a bunch of geniuses is in for a rude shock. The billionaires are brainless pupae, eating their own spawn. To believe their lies is true insanity. Their media is actually saying the exact opposite of what is true! Their mendacity and corruption has come the full circle. How can it not be a shock to discover what's real?

Ergo: which side are you on? Better decide before Lilith and her gang of angry witches arrive in December.


NOV. 22nd 2014:

The New Moon takes place on the 22nd November at 12:32 in Libra in the 9th house (London). There has been a lot of hype for many years about the coming age of Aquarius, in all areas of the world. This coming ‘new age’ has been a theme of many cults and political parties, but do we really understand what this transition is really about? It is time for communities to come together with kindness and compassion and to accept that it takes physical as well as mental committed effort to prepare ourselves for this important, humanitarian energy to bestow its influence. Holding onto worn out traditions and sentimental memories of how life used to be, will restrict us to narrow mindedness and limit our scope of depth, of true spiritual understanding, which comes from the heart and needs to be balanced with the mind. The New Moon is amid a stellium of planets, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in Libra, Venus in Scorpio and the MC in Ophiuchus. We must lift ourselves out of the depression that the media creates by using realism and common sense, instead of fighting and moaning about the status quo we must see in ourselves as humans, the beauty and the miracle of our race. The MC in Ophiuchus is a powerful teacher, teaching us the methods of the unconventional when it comes to cures, treatments and technology. These are not necessarily new ideas, but the ancient traditional ways that are purer in form and natural in essence. As depression is on the rise and has been for many years, Ophiuchus can give us the strength to look beyond our wounds and to emerge from the darkness of our grief as scientists and healers of a new kind and the Moon in trine to Uranus emphasizes this by bringing in the qualities of original spontaneous imagination, new or inventive enterprises, with the energy and determination that is needed. Metaphysical Science is the key and life line to the Aquarian Age.

As Saturn is in square to Moon these changes can create great confusion among many and the human race needs to get a grip on reality or, rather than face the truth will immerse themselves into fantasies risking their souls to addictions or hold unrealistic ambitions, not just deceiving themselves but others too. It is vital that we raise our standards and use this magical time to open our minds and hearts to what we have always dreamt about regarding the coming age, it’s not an overnight success, but a clever and compassionate study of what really works. Intuition and psychic abilities are only good for those that are focused and awake, or deceit and distortion of the truth will be the result of lower level vibrations, whose aims are to keep us in the dark. Lilith in opposition to Neptune emphasizes the confusion about the reality of life and gives the feeling of estrangement which can prevent us from feeling that we truly belong and heightening the potential for self deception. We must take note that this is just an illusion and that the truth is out there for all to see. READ MORE

Recipe for the New Moon

It is wise around the New Moon to eat light and as the New Moon takes place in Libra it is necessary to concentrate on the colon by avoiding meat and sugar and eating a healthy diet of vegetables. Vitamins A & D will be very important at this time (visit our vitamin page) I would recommend as a supplement vitamin A & D together with the recipe below which is a light soup based on butter beans (Lima beans) that are rich in protein, fiber, iron and b vitamins. Also carrots are high in fiber and vitamin A and hopefully will curb the craving for sugar. READ MORE about the bean recipe





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