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The Lie
Your birthday is not in the sign you've been told you are.
Astrologers who use the Tropical system gave you the wrong sign, or the wrong degree. You've been told a blatant lie since your birth, and now is the time to learn the truth of your sign.

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A voyage to the nebula that gave you life.

A 13-sign horoscope is just that powerful, its truth will awaken your soul to your conscious thread with the Cosmos. The chart is your map. Looking at your chart in the 13 sign Zodiac may shock you, but only because you have been fooled by regular tropical astrology before now. Their charts aren't correct. Astronomers won't use them because they know astrology is off by almost an entire sign! Astronomy --what we see-- is the only truth. Only the cosmic truth will help you remember who you really are. 

That's because memory is the key factor in our lives, it's what we develop, what we intuit, and what the Cosmos tells us. Like water, timeless space is filled with memories, beyond counting. you may not recall everything, but the stars do.

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Everyone has Transits
Every Day

Transits are the changes in your life you can't control, as supplied by the luminaries planets and asteroids that orbit or cycle around Earth, and your geographical location on it. The transiting orbs influence you through your relocated birth chart. The same effects felt by us all, will be felt by you a particular way, unique to you because of this connection. These celestial bodies can have a tremendous effect on you when they come close or make certain angles with your birth planets and geographical location (your rising sign).

You have power over yourself to adapt and resist them, but they ultimately have a cosmic timetable, in spite of your material agenda. It would be an advantage to be able to see them coming, and measure their power -- before they hit.

Some transits are stronger than others. A Mars or Jupiter transit can be a uplifting, even sexy experience. While certain transits of the outer planets can stop you in your tracks, even blow you away, or flush you out like a rag doll --and you'd never know why. Events are triggered and aimed at us from the Cosmos. You are connected to the stars by the thread of your life. It extends into both the past and future.

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I’m free. I just do what I want, say what I want, say how I feel, and I don’t try to hurt nobody. I just try to make sure that I don’t compromise my art in any kind of way, and I think people respect that.
–Erykah Badu, double Aquarius, 2/26/1972




Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. This Capricorn-in-Mercury-inspired period calls for eviction or constriction. Here the otherwise forgiving Aquarius casts us adrift on the dead sea of despair. Without the Aquarius' bouncy energy to keep us afloat, we'll be swept away, hounded by the bureaucratic world; the landlord, the bank, the government. The state will finish what the capitalist began, which is the destruction of the middle class. What happened? Deflation, where value turns to dust along with our inflationary mad dreams of wealth without work. Paper money, shares, documents, compound interest, all the trammels of the bourgeois imagination. You never could make money without exploiting someone, and now the chickens come home to roost.

The above map shows the crisis in real estate values 2008-14. They have been collapsing since the mortgage debacle, with only window dressing to cushion their fall. In 2015, even the cluster of green oil-boom states are now losing ground. These areas can only produce dirty, expensive oil, and will go belly up as the price of oil falls on the international market. Oaklahoma, North Dakota, Wyoming are all in big trouble. Texas has already laid off 150,000 workers.

What is the problem with real estate? With oil? With consumer-based sales? With stocks and bonds, and all financial instruments. The same as virtually all goods and services. There's too many for the demand. When that happens, the business owner, homeowner, or any owner gets smobbed. The imagined or psychological value still may be high in the eye of the beholder, but the current Market Value is plunging to zero. Anything priced in dollars will lose even its inherent value. When no one wants or can buy it, it's actually worthless. The distortion of the market isn't upwardly mobile, it must bomb along with its negative energy.

2015 is the
Year of sheep

Built into the Yang ram symbol of the Chinese New Year is the implied sheep, the Yin component, and polar opposite. The sheep are receptive, passive, grazing in the valley while the ram is climbing, on a mission to the top of the mountain. The lunar New highlights a 2015 when the weakest sheep are cut from the herd, and the smartest goats will climb. The sheep among us, the weak, the timid, the innocent, the beguiled, our children, our lumpen, the sick or deranged, they will all be shorn or slaughtered like sheep. It's already in motion. One of three American children is already below the poverty level. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. The homeless and the prison inmates outnumber college grads. There are no meaningful jobs. And Americans the lucky ones. >MORE

FEB 16 - MAR 11

Hiroko Sakai

Aquarians are seeking high ground in 2015. They have an unerring sense of when to take flight, when to exit a bad scene. Aquarians do this in a matter of ways; they can actually get up and move to another location or climate, or they can just disappear where they are, setting up a decoy to deal with problems. Some can withdraw into a catatonic state, but whatever, your messages will come back, return to sender.

Aquarius is the escape artist, and when the skies darken with storms or rain, the Aquarius takes flight, finds shelter and roosts.

Aquarius really isn't a sociable sign at all, although they can be very entertaining and informative, their heart isn't in it. They fear the group. Is friendship the highest form of love? Aquarians say yes. Beyond that, there's an Aquarius that you never see. During their birthdays, a lot of Aquarians disappear, and others, like news reporters, hide behind the questions they ask you. The fed-up Aquarius may not be so nice and affable--depending on what crimes or affronts you have committed, what you have done to him or her in the past.

Any threat of loss of freedom is torture to an Aquarius. Anyone who has infringed on them, or bullied them, or cheated, beat on or coerced them, is the target of Aquarian hate. Unlike other signs, it does not involve physical harm, but the cold blade of Karma. Aquarians need take no action against you. What evil you have done to them comes back at you a thousand fold. Aquarius wins in the end.


The Most Stubborn Sign?


Revolution and the Age of Aquarius 2010-15

Flower Power

Most of our most powerful natural medicines are derived from flowers. Aspirin comes from the Willow tree; THC from the Cannabis bud; Morphine from the poppy. Flowers are POWERFUL and their effects are IMMEDIATE. They radiate pheromones to Bees who find them no matter how faint their scent to our noses. Flowers are so powerful in their actions upon us, so far reaching, that we recognize them as intense, overwhelming--even dangerous. Flowers are powerful magic.

13 sign astrology has always recognized forces in play beyond our comprehension. What was magic yesterday becomes scientific fact. Electricity was magic, now it's commonplace. Astronomy explains how night turns into light. The magic of a sunrise is no longer in the realm beyond Man's comprehension. But many things still seem like magic to us, things we have yet to understand.

If you see magic as an unknown catalyst, which operates outside our common wisdom, it's not so arcane. What would you call an ethereal element that can have an instant effect, a microsecond so powerful and compelling that the simple realization of it can change our lives?

What we want to see as randomness and predestination may just be a series of milestones and awakenings that we experience throughout our lives, due to these magical moments. It's up to us to recognize these moments and act on them.

Many people experience such a magical microsecond when they discover their true sign, or otherwise uncover the mysteries that had befogged their thinking. We can have other revelations; identify danger; discover a soul mate; reveal the true nature of our desires, to show us the path. Magic is realization and action in one single second of thought. It is the summons one gets to fulfill their purpose in life. Transformation IS magic, to the mind's eye. Magic highlights the instant of understanding and our clarity. Magic helps us act on the incomprehensible.

Without the magic of change, we are forever trapped in the mundane, recycling our past failures to hold us back from our best selves. We can wait passively for this moment, or it can be induced and created by the introduction of a change element. Magic is the gateway to change. Flowers invoke change.

If this is witchcraft, it's the magic that we need right now. if we don't change radically soon, by using the powers that are typically ignored or exploited, we will allow the rape of the Earth and then be destroyed by her. Magic, the power of the unknown, is more important than ever!

STAR is a witch. She is clairvoyant, mixes potions, and lives in a cottage nestled in the woods with a black and white cat. Otherwise known as Kim Lovelace, Star practices magic, and (unless provoked) is a good witch. She had dedicated her gifts to help the rest of us enjoy the magic potential in us.

Star has developed such potions, her custom catalysts for inspiration and new life, based on flower essences and water, which can provide that instant of change. You do the rest. If you would like to learn more about potions from the Good Witch, click here

Star is also tracking Lilith and the Black Moon for siderealist.com



The stars and the economy would seem like strange bedfellows. It is not that the Universe is keeping tabs on the stock market, or gives a damn about our bank accounts; it only registers cycles in the stars and planets, which mean changes for us, as we move from one connection with them to another. We are independent in thought, but just fish in the sea from a galactic view.


Bad News

War and Taxes
A war economy needs an endless stream of money. Crippling taxes are inevitable as any nation goes into its death spiral. New taxes on oil, sales tax, user taxes, property taxes, state tax, sin tax --all taxes will rise as the last gasp of government to survive.

Used progressively, taxes are legit. The tax structure now in place is regressive, the low income earners pay a huge chunk of their cash to taxes, while the rich only contribute a minuscule amount.

Even with new taxes, government will cut services and entitlements. The first to feel it will be the states and cities that have collapsing tax bases. Oklahoma and Arizona lead the states as being ripe for collapse. >MORE


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